WarsawMartyna Czech and Ewa Ciepielewska. The Year of the Water Rabbit

Martyna Czech and Ewa Ciepielewska. The Year of the Water Rabbit

The Year of the Water Rabbit -according to the horoscope – it is predicted to be a time of peace, harmony, and the reign of good energy. This results from the disposition bestowed by the stars on the zodiacal Rabbit sign: this exceptionally benign, gregarious animal can ease conflicts even between such temperamental signs as Dragon or Tiger. This year, the priority is safety.

Kate Zaniewska

Ewa Ciepielewska lives according to the rhythm of the Chinese horoscope and is a typically gregarious animal. She spends several months each year in the water, sailing on the Vistula River. For Ewa is easier to get along with a dog or a cat than with a fellow human being.

Martyna Czech. “If she only could, Martyna would renounce affiliation with humankind”. The only disappointment caused by those she looks after is death, which always comes too soon.

The Year of the Water Rabbit is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the quality of their interpersonal relations, relations between species and the relationship with oneself.
The patron of this year, observing us from paintings by Ewa Ciepielewska and Martyna Czech, will surely help us make it happen.

based on BWA Warsaw text, introduction to the exhibition

until May 27, 2023

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