WarsawartSasza Wiktor. Human-animal figurines

Sasza Wiktor. Human-animal figurines

Sasza Wiktor sees the world from a child’s perspective. The youthful bestiary came to life in the form of ceramic figurines, drawings and paintings. Zoomorphic characters, anatomical models, and imaginary friends defy classical conventions and the existing world order. Dead, often mutilated, limp and inhuman bodies of various outsiders densely populated children’s books, fairy tales, myths and illustrations. Monsters, dragons, dinosaurs – they embody queer mismatch.

They are no longer defenseless in the artist’s work. They are saved from trouble, and the knights are punished for violence against others. Queer figurines embody the revolutionary potential of queer practice. Queer, which did not function in the dictionary of children and teenagers, contains the promise of creating an identity without the obligation to define oneself within the existing order.

Place/ Leto Gallery

ft/ Kate Zaniewska

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