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tolerance and opennes to what is new and innovative

Berlin is like a magnet for artists and creators representing various areas of arts and culture. It appeals to people looking for freedom and their own living space, to Europeans as well as citizens of the whole world. 

This incredible city could be defined by means of only two words: tolerance and openness to what is new, fresh, and innovative. Hence, everybody who visits Berlin can easily experience its colours and diversity.

Berlin seduces by its nightlife

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What seduces us in Berlin is definitely its nightlife. Be sure that energetic and dynamic Berliners do not waste their life sitting on a sofa and watching soaps. 

As Berlin is a mecca for techno and electro music fans, the city never sleeps, and every evening its bars and clubs fill up with crowds hungry for good music and fun. 

The parties are always wild and unforgettable, in so many shades that take a liking of all types of visitors. So, follow us to favourite spots of LGBT or techno enthusiasts, places where atmosphere is lively and music will make you get good vibes.

Berlin city guide, local feeling

Berlin is also a melting pot when it comes to flavours and cuisines, with a strong focus on traditional as well as fusion Asian food, especially Korean which attracts real gourmets.

However, you will find a wide range of bars and restaurants, run by young and passionate cooks, which distinguish with their modern and creative approach to cooking and a focus on choosing only seasonal, eco products. 

The culinary map is impressive and comprises places for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans; places for lazy mornings over a cup of delicious coffee or tasty breakfast based on exquisite bread…. Let us take your hand and guide you there.

Berlin, like no other city, welcomes different forms of alternative art, often operating as non-profit. The city guarantees the excitement of discovering young creators of contemporary art and following their careers. However, not only new and young but also well-known and awarded artists find here their place on earth.

We are taking you to all places worth visiting. In Berlin always expect the unexpected!

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