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A city is made by people, local communities who have been a part of its history due to family roots, or just one day decided to settle down in their place on earth since it gave them space for freedom and creativity, space for living their life.  A city draws people from all over the world who come with their own life experience, cultural background or taste. Hence, the city becomes a witness of unusual collaboration which not infrequently ends up in arising new places on the city map.

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There is nothing more exciting and inspiring than a city life. That is why, IN Places city guide wants to experience the energy of a modern city to share with you all discoveries, but also to save from oblivion places-institutions which still play important roles in the urban culture.

Visiting IN Places you join a community loving art of life and other people.  Nothing makes us happier than observing how new ideas become an inspiration for those who love discovering everything from fine art to culinary art. 

IN Places highlights quality in various areas such as eating, shopping, design, art, or leisure time. A precise selection has been done for you.


IN Places guides you to exceptional city spaces calling them “stories”. It is a must to become familiar with them if you want to feel the soul of the city, its history or modern trends.

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IN Places bases its journey through cities on quality content, showing a real beauty and soul of each place. Thanks to “favourites” function you can plan your own city route, and a “get direction” together with Google Maps will lead you to your destination. No matter if it is a night or a day, we are at your disposal with current updates, and the online or, if you prefer, offline mode.

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Stories. exceptional city spaces or districts
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Restaurants from top tables to best kept local secrets
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