opens for all what is new, creative and a bit rebellious

Paris owes its today’s image and a worldwide recognition to enthusiastic, young Parisians who once left the city to look for inspirations in the world, and right now are coming back with new energy and heads full of ideas.  In fact, they have really stirred things up here. We have the pleasure to know some of creative Parisians who have eagerly showed us round their spectacular city. We are really grateful to them for all revealed secrets which we are now keen to pass on to our dear readers. Paris city guide app is at your disposal.

Paris where to go

Follow us and you will get a flavour of the atmosphere and dine out in most wonderful neo-bistros where the keystone is quality and courage to act against the old, where chefs collaborate and inspire one another.  Discover venues with pulsating nightlife where passion and creativity rule. Take a delight in fresh cocktails and organic wines. This is what Parisians enjoy the most.

Despite a sheer delight with the new vibrancy of the city, we still love classic Paris. You will be guided to handful of spots where, back in the day, gathered noble artists and poets – the whole Parisian café society. Just take a sit there, make yourself at home, smoke a cigarillo, and observe the street life. With us you will travel back in time to the Belle Époque to discover venues epitomizing the decadent life – quintessence of elegance and beauty.

Paris like a local

Paris is open for all what is new, original, creative, and a bit rebellious. Hence, it has always attracted artists from around the world, and has gained a reputation as the most prominent art centre. Not only is Paris home to superb classic works of art and the world’s most famous museums and galleries, but it also leads in promoting contemporary collections. Here you will keep up to date with the latest trends and gossips from the art world.

And … don’t forget to visit some lovely places for shopping …

Now you may be trying to figure out how to be in all right places at the right time. Stop puzzling over it and let us guide you through the true Paris, hidden in its back streets, off the beaten track.

text: Kate Zaniewska

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