WarsawartAfter hours. Exhibition at Nanazenit Warsaw

After hours. Exhibition at Nanazenit Warsaw

The exhibition “After Hours” is a reflection on a world in which, lost in nonsense, we sink into a new, unpredictable reality. We are looking for a way out, believing that in the morning everything will be as before.

In Martin Scorsese‘s film “After Hours”, the reality is shown as a dream, sometimes even as a nightmare. Just like our new reality, which was only meant to be with us for a moment, is like a bad dream. 

It seems that this year was also an opportunity for us – we entered our inner world, looking for normality. Thanks to this, we got to know each other again, we redefined priorities.

Krakow artists at the exhibition “After Hours” comment on the contemporary world, showing its absurdity in the convention of bitter irony, which cannot be ignored. However, they do it from a distance of their own worlds, being in a way silent observers.


until June 6, 2021

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