ParisartMark Jenkins returns to Paris. Danysz Gallery

Mark Jenkins returns to Paris. Danysz Gallery

Mark Jenkins returns to Paris with his first solo exhibition at the Danysz Gallery, gathering together sculptures, canvases and recent installations. Jenkins’s installations bring into play the relationship between artwork and visitor. Mark Jenkins attempts to question, provoke, and disturb with sculptures whose behaviours and gestures are strikingly similar to a human person.

danysz gallery
The face of gravity, 2018 Sculpture

People are constantly surprised by the humanization of his characters, their pose and the way Mark Jenkins gives shape to their attitudes.

Once these striking and unusual human clones are installed, they raise fun, fears or astonishment. Jenkins presents a new body of hyperrealist work, encompassing a compelling series of unseen three-dimensional canvases and life-sized figures created exclusively in the UK.

BRD SHT exhibition. Danysz Gallery

The BRD SHT exhibition presents hyperrealist sculptures which have made Jenkins famous : life-sized silhouettes hidden under their hoods, conjoined twins by the top of the head or people leant on nothing looking like they want to lose their balance and fall into the unknown. Surprising tribute to Icarus, one of the masterpieces of the exhibition “The face of gravity” fall down to the floor, directly on its face, like a quite direct metaphor of our troubled times.

Danysz gallery
Skinny, 2018 Mixed media

The artist’s installations merge the line between art and life, with his sculptures often interacting with their surrounding environments.

It might also be observed that Jenkins became immediately interested in people reactions and he considered his work as much an altered reality social experiment as an art project.

I create a social experience first. I could be a sociologist. I think I’m exploring something that is beyond street art. It’s another experience.


october 27th - december 8th, 2018

Danysz Gallery, 78 rue Amelot Paris

Danysz Gallery

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