FashionMaison Fabre. Fancy gloves for classy Parisians

Maison Fabre. Fancy gloves for classy Parisians

Think about images of people living at the beginning of the 20th century – all of them wearing elegant suites, dresses, hats, and of course gloves. Hence, in 1924 Etienne Fabre, a lover of horse riding, decided to set up a little workshop in Millau to make fancy gloves for classy Parisians. Maison Fabre, located under beautiful arcades of Palais Royal, has been selling gloves ever since, using a wide range of top quality materials. On offer there’re various colours, styles, and designs created also in collaboration with Maison Goutal. So, pamper yourself with a pair of „Starry Night” perfumed gloves. Simply, extravagance à la français.

128-129 Galerie de Valois Jardins du Palais Royal

Mon 12-7pm, Tue-Sat 11am-7pm

maison fabre

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