Parisartexposition LOVE, Ren Hang at MEP

exposition LOVE, Ren Hang at MEP

The exhibition “LOVE, REN HANG” in Paris presents, for the first time in France, the work of one of the most influential Chinese artists of the generation. Selection of 150 photographs from several collections in Europe and China, is composed mainly of portraits – of friends, his mother or young Chinese solicited on the internet – but also of landscapes and nudes. The work of Ren Hang is immediately recognizable. His photographs are nevertheless the fruit of an instinctive process, shooting, on the spot, gives them lightness, poetry and humor.

Through a chromatic approach, the exhibition offers a dive into the different dreamlike constellations of the artist: the presence of red, acid colors, a room devoted to his mother, another, darker, dedicated to shooting night. Finally, a last room brings together his “daring” works on the body, creating a strong and organic link between eroticism and nature.

Presented in relation to this important photographic corpus, many of Ren Hang’s writings, which he regularly shared on his website, bear witness to his fight against depression.

The artist died in 2017, at the age of 29. It had been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world, and was regularly published in fashion magazines such as Purple and Numero.


until May 26, 2019

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