WarsawartKing Matt the First Janusz Korczak | Polin until July 1, 2019

King Matt the First Janusz Korczak | Polin until July 1, 2019

Temporary exhibition “In King Matt’s Poland. The 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence” by Janusz Korczak.

Meeting with the 10-year old king, it’s surely unforgettable adventure. Together, you seek answers to the questions concerning the labour of governing a state. Thanks to fairy tale-like illustrations by Iwona Chmielewska, you enter the world of Korczak’s novel. You “put on the shoes” of the little king who has to take the throne and arrange a new a war-torn country, experiencing various trials and tribulations in the process.

On the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence you try to understand the role of citizens in building a state. An attractive space of creative action awaits the visitors. Thanks to numerous games and activities that stimulate imagination—a voting machine, a kaleidoscope or scales to weigh a state budget—you ponder questions such as: what is power, is it ok to share it, what are reforms about, how much they cost and do they always prove effective?

The exhibition In King Matt’s Poland: the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence deals with issues that are most vital and concern each and one of us. It provides a space for intergenerational debate, individual discoveries and for gaining experience through action.

until 1 July 2019 
prices 12 PLN (regular) / 8 PLN (reduced) / 30 PLN (family)
Polin - Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich
Mordechaja Anielewicza 6
00-157 Warszawa

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