WarsawGreen Roofs in Warsaw

Green Roofs in Warsaw

Throughout the history there have always been green roofs installed on the tops of buildings, especially in dense urban settings. At present, no matter if they are set up in a form of a hanging garden or with plants in pots, green roofs serve several functions such as creating a habitat for birds, or just pleasing a landscape and providing a comfortable and relaxing zone for a local community. Warsaw is well known for its greenery. In fact, each district can boast a beautiful park with old trees, ponds, alleys, and wildlife. However, we’d like to take you a bit higher, nearer to Heaven, to a place where you’ll find relaxation and a moment only to yourself.  

green roofs warsaw

University of Warsaw Library (in Polish – BUW) 

is well known across Poland for its biggest attraction- an impressive two level rooftop garden that covers an entire hectare. Designed by Irena Bajerska, the garden serves different functions. The upper part provides unforgettable views of Warsaw, and numerous pathways you can go along admiring wonderful plants life, trees and pergolas. Don’t miss a viewing platform from which you’ll be able to take great photos of the Vistula River. The lower part of the garden is for those looking for a place to hide and relax. Find a bench near a pond, or take a picnic basket and a blanket and contemplate sculptures by Ryszard Stryjecki. Both parts of the garden are connected by a cascade stream. What a fabulous and romantic idea!  

green roofs warsaw

Copernicus Science Centre (in Polish CNK) 

this secret garden on the rooftop of the centre is an impressive collection of riparian vegetation. All plants are meticulously described so a stroll along the paths is the nicest biology lesson ever! A breathtaking view of the lazily flowing Vistula River on one side and the roofs of the Old Town on the other is enough to make you fall in love with the city.  

P.S. to access the garden, get on the ramp on the south side of the building  

Praga District Museum

the exhibition shows the history of Warsaw’s right bank in a nutshell. Here, you can quickly explore legendary Różycki Bazaar, Ząbkowska and Brzeska Street before you take a walk through Praga itself.  

foto/ Katarzyna Zaniewska

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