ParisShéhérazade at night. Palais de Tokyo

Shéhérazade at night. Palais de Tokyo

In a world gripped by multiple crises, artists write fictions inspired by the realities in which they live. These fictions are seen as critical tools for emancipation in the face of the many systems of oppression and exploitation that still constitute the matrix through which we act and think. It is said that they try to retell through myths and fables the beliefs and desires that animate us so as to bring forth other worlds and create new futures both individual and collective.

In the works of these artists, an  android discusses sexuality with transgenic soya plants, an island free of any human trace emerges from the ocean off the coast of contaminated territory, were-tigers pounce upon  domination, a tender fire eats away at silence, politicians are become endowed with empathy… Weaving narratives like so many baskets, they experiment with the potential for transforming reality through fiction and invite us to equip ourselves with a new imaginary of power that ensures a better capacity for taking action in and against our current social forms.

Place/ Palais de Tokyo, Paris

ft/ Franciszek Kizinski

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