ParisartMarcel Duchamp Prize 2019. Exhibition at Centre Pompidou Paris

Marcel Duchamp Prize 2019. Exhibition at Centre Pompidou Paris

For its nineteenth edition, the Marcel Duchamp Prize presents projects with very dissimilar plastic foundations and thus reflects, thanks to the choices of the Adiaf selection committee, the diversity of practices coexisting today in France.

Éric Baudelaire, filmmaker by choice, built a generous exhibition from a long-running film with college students from Seine-Saint-Denis.

Katinka Bock and Marguerite Humeau propose, for their part, two different approaches to sculpture: while the first faithfully reads the legacy of a contemporary sculpture highlighting a fragile materiality, the second poetically renews with narrativity and promises, in its own way, on scientific premises anchored in the present, new mythological subjects.

But the most singular event of this edition is undoubtedly the return of the painting, long absent from the Marcel Duchamp Prize, operated thanks to the mischievous project of Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille: the duo questions with a serious joke the possibility even to paint today.

centre pompidou

until January 6, 2020

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