ParisMaison Dassam. Wisdom and ancient traditions of Africa

Maison Dassam. Wisdom and ancient traditions of Africa

Maison Dassam it’s a place of exchange, a bridge between cultures by opening the doors to a new vision of Africa. Maison Dassam highlights the know-how and cultural wealth of the continent. Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Africa, Maison Dassam develops collections of refined products for the home and for the body.

Born in France of Burkinabe parents, I was lucky enough to have a double culture. It was during my many trips to Burkina that I was able to familiarize myself with the customs and traditions of this beautiful country, that of my ancestors. After several years in marketing, I wanted to invest myself fully in a project related to my values by starting to discover the wealth that abounds in Africa.

MAISON DASSAM promotes the African heritage and participate in telling a new story, a story different from that often told. Welcome to this beautiful adventure!


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