ParisartBusy Living Coco Capitán at MEP Paris

Busy Living Coco Capitán at MEP Paris

MEP Paris presents Coco Capitán: Busy Living, the first institutional exhibition in France of one of the most accomplished artists of her generation. With nearly 150 works, the exhibition is built as an immersive journey into the artist’s universe. One is composed of landscapes of the American West representing abandoned infrastructures, another reveals the critical view that the artist bears on the consumer society and translates a true filiation with Pop Art.

Echoing the interest of Coco Capitán in the representation and perception of the body, fashion photographs are an integral part of the exhibition, as well as those of the athletes of the Spanish Olympic swimming team, photographed just after the effort.

coco capitan

A more personal series highlights the artist’s relationship with China since childhood. Finally, a set of painted canvases on which are written the aphorisms, as well as notebooks and diaries are presented exclusively.

Engaged in the world of fashion and luxury, Coco Capitán quickly gained international notoriety as a fashion photographer. Her work is much larger: at only 26 years old, Coco Capitán is an already accomplished artist who combines photography, painting and performance with an editorial work consisting of slogans and aphorisms.

coco capitan

Kate Zaniewska

coco capitan

until May 26, 2019

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