Parisdon't missLa Biennale Paris, the universelle art fair

La Biennale Paris, the universelle art fair

This evolution, implemented at the request of international galleries, has offered many advantages: it favours sales momentum, which is initiated within the first few days, and it facilitates the participation in several exhibitions as part of a heavily crowded international calendar.

La Biennale Paris – an iconic and prestigious event – has built up a faithful network of reputed dealers, international galleries and luxury upscale jewellery houses that seduce the public and meet the expectations of the most discerning collectors. Since its inception, La Biennale Paris has been offering amateurs a fabulous and diverse choice of antiques, fine art and jewellery. 

Grand Palais Paris

Full rate/ €35; 12 to 26 years old/ €20; Catalogue/ €35

September 13-17, 2019

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iconic galleries / alternative art spaces / extraordinary collection of art / hidden museum and architecture sites

local designers / local craft / less waste

local fashion designers / vintage treasures / and not to be missed places