ParisartHow Hassan Hajjaj sees world of fashion? at MEP

How Hassan Hajjaj sees world of fashion? at MEP

Anglo-Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj takes us to the tour of several years of the artist’s work through numerous photographic series, but also installations, videos, furniture and decorative elements. He underlines the main topics that lie at the heart of Hassan Hajjaj’s work: his interest in the world of fashion and clothing and its contradictions; his critical and uninhibited point of view on the consumer society; the questions of tradition and identity, including his unique view of the wearing of the veil, or even the daily lives of people he meets, friends or strangers crossed on the street in Morocco or elsewhere.

Hassan Hajjaj

Born in 1961 in Larache, Morocco and in London since 1973, Hassan Hajjaj has been living and working since then between the two countries. He is as much influenced by London’s cultural and musical scenes as by his North African heritage. His artistic universe thus reflects his ability to create bridges between these two cultures, making cross styles, universes and icons.

On the occasion of his exhibition on the program of the Biennale of Photographers of the Contemporary Arab World, Hassan Hajjaj himself offers carte blanche to two Moroccan artists whom he successively invites to present their work in the Studio of the MEP: Zahrin Kahlo and Lamia Naji.

The educational spaces in the basement of the MEP also house a studio where visitors can take their picture in front of a wall of wallpaper, a symbolic and usual setting for Hassan Hajjaj’s shots. Finally, the new bookshop of the MEP presents a range of clothing and decorative objects made by the artist. Self-taught, Hassan Hajjaj does not freeze in any genre or form.

until November 11, 2019

MEP Paris

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