WarsawYope a brand of personal and home care

Yope a brand of personal and home care

Yope was founded by Karolina and Paweł, husband-and-wife team and parents of young children. The vision for the company sprang from a need affecting not just a target group, but the founders’ own family. Recognising the scarcity of natural personal care and home care products at affordable prices, Karolina and Paweł set out to create an accessible brand of quality soaps, moisturisers and household products.

The formulas are designed in consultation with cosmetologists and dermatologists. They use select botanicals and the necessary minimum of carrier ingredients to create gentle yet effective products with great scents and no harmful substances, rich in nourishing natural extracts. Depending on the product, they include natural oils and butters, beneficial plant extracts, soothing ingredients such as glycerine and allantoin, mild cleansers, non-toxic surfactants or natural citric acid. Many of the products are Ecocert certified.

All Yope products are gentle and non-toxic, safe for children and people with sensitive skin.

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