ParisartXinyi Cheng. What it means to be human

Xinyi Cheng. What it means to be human

The Xinyi Cheng works represent the reflection what it means for us to co-exist with one another, what it means to be human. 

Through her coruscating colour treatments on canvas, Cheng offers her insights to a baffling world, revealing enigmatic images.

Cheng’s expressive use of light and colour help conjure feelings, reveries, and impulses that reside within our everyday experiences of being in the world.

In an often enigmatic atmosphere of dreams and solitude, the characters depicted by the artist sound like unexpected tributes to the moderns such as Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas or Caillebotte.

Xinyi Cheng, Red Kayak, 2020

until May 28, 2022

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