world of prints

World of prints as a meeting of roots and travels

Coralie Prevert is a brand born in Florence. It is a world of prints that starts with silk scarves, kimonos and nowadays decoration. It is most of all a precious graphic universe, contemporary and colorful, associated with the know-how of the Italian printers. It is a little cartouche that reveals a phrase, a proverb, words that elevate the accessory to the rank of talisman. It is the meeting of roots and travels, harmonies and extravagances, forms and words.

stationary shop

Musée des Arts Décoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

By Marie
44 rue Etienne Marcel
75002 Paris

92, rue des Dames
75017 Paris

Créations épicées
(foulards et déco)
40, rue Damrémont
75018 Paris