BerlinEva Fàbregas. Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

Eva Fàbregas. Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

What are the limitations of desire? How can a feeling be transmitted through and with objects? These are some of the fundamental questions that Eva Fàbregas explores through her work. 

For her largest solo exhibition to date, the Barcelona-based artist – Eva Fàbregas – has created a monumental installation that she conceived especially for Hamburger Bahnhof’s main historical hall. Flesh-like sculptures wind around the hall’s metal girders, like devouring lovers, creating a surreal impression of organs growing from metal. Slight vibrations animate some of the seventy sculptures reinforcing the impression of tentacles. The entire hall becomes a breathing organism where the boundaries between the technologically generated and the human / non-human worlds blur.

ft/ Kate Zaniewska

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