BerlinIsa Genzken. Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

Isa Genzken. Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

Isa Genzken, a German artist with the exhibition Isa Genzken: 75/75, shows 75 sculptures spanning all phases of her oeuvre from the 1970s to the present. 

The sculptures are not hewn into form but rather embody in their heterogeneous materiality the technologies, plastic, concrete, decorations and functional objects that permeate daily life. Isa Genzken transposes these reassessments and fluid framings into authenticity, beauty, absurdity and exaggeration.

Isa Genzken work derives from actualities, such as a window or the figure of an actor, which she then alters and distorts into her own realities and visual language. The individual, also her as an artist, and her biography are the instruments used in this scrutiny of Western culture’s ideals and types of production.

Place/ Neue Nationalgalerie

until Nov 27, 2023

ft/ Kate Zaniewska

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