World ArtYukimasa Ida. Panta Rhei. Kyoto Japan

Yukimasa Ida. Panta Rhei. Kyoto Japan

Yukimasa Ida is one of the most renowned painters of the new generation of Japanese artists.

The title of the exhibition is “Panta Rhei” (everything flows), in the artist’s relation to his personal and heartfelt emotions about art, life, and the ever-changing world.

Yukimasa Ida’s approach is in the likeness of today’s fluid, fast-paces, information flooded world. Bridging abstract and figurative elements with ease, he explores the permeability of the border between the two, switching innately from paintbrush to modeling clay, from portraits to landscapes.

Making his way between the past, the present and the future, with the dexterity of the new generation, the Japanese artist thwarts any notion of style that would limit him to a single image directory. Celebrating the artist broad and fluid approach, the exhibition brings to light his position as an artist in complete freedom.

Place/ Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

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