BarcelonaartWorld. New Domestic Landscape. Barcelona

World. New Domestic Landscape. Barcelona

After realizing the huge addiction we have with smart phones and how badly we recycle electronics, decided to build a huge shelter with all the discarded devices he could find during two weeks in the streets and dumpsters of one neighborhood.

new domestic landscape

The inside of this shelter was covered with a special foil that blocked communication, there was absolutely no reception, this shelter protects you from the abusive use of smart phones and also from communication radiation. A shelter built with technology but used to escape from technology.

new domestic landscape

As our known ‘future’ gets older and obsolete each time faster, we are overloaded with electronic trash and hardwares no longer in fashion.

We’ve built this shelter with technologic fossils that embraces and welcomes the visitor within its special protective walls, where all our communication devices (3G + 4G + BLUETOOTH + WIFI + RADIO etc) won’t work, creating a shield from these invisible enemies, that have been proved that are harmful for us.

As to rethink the future of the domestic experience, we designed a shelter where discarded technology and electronic trash meet the first basic structures we have been constructing for thousand years. If we don’t recycle them properly this electronic trash will be so available that in a near future we will be building with technology to escape from technology.

By definition, home is a shelter. A shelter is where they can’t find us, where we are safe from even the invisible. If they can’t find us we might find ourselves.


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