RomeartScribbling and Doodling. From Leonardo da Vinci to Cy Twombly

Scribbling and Doodling. From Leonardo da Vinci to Cy Twombly

Through a collection of almost 300 original works dating from the Renaissance to the modern era, the two presentations (in Rome at the Villa Medici and in Paris at the Beaux-Arts) of the exhibition will shed light on one of the most unconventional and overlooked aspects of the practice of drawing. By exploring the multiple features of the practice of scribbling and doodling, from sketches scribbled on the backs of canvases to expansive doodles conceived as artworks in themselves, the exhibition unveils how these experimental, transgressive, regressive or liberating graphic gestures, which appear to flout all laws and conventions, have punctuated the history of artistic creation.

The display proposes new connections between the works of the early modern masters – Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pontormo, Titian, Bernini – and those of major modern and contemporary artists – Picasso, Dubuffet, Henri Michaux, Helen Levitt, Cy Twombly, Basquiat, Luigi Pericle

until May 22, 2022

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