RomeartNicolas Guagnini. Farces and Tirades at Macro

Nicolas Guagnini. Farces and Tirades at Macro

Nicolás Guagnini presents over fifteen years of work, in an exhibition freely based on the dramaturgical structure of the commedia dell’arte

The works are the “masks”, the exhibition space the stage on which they improvise their “farces and tirades”. There is no single theme, no chronological or hierarchal division.

Video-performance: Discharge, 2005; Tango 78, 2010; Clear Allegiance, 2012; Analysis, 2019 and slide-projection-installation: The Middle Class Goes to Heaven, 2005–2006, printing: the wallpaper Notes on Dickface, 2014, painting: 77 Testicular Imprints, 2007, sculpture: the vitrified and glazed ceramics of LumpenPoints of View and Raft, 2014; Aphasia BagatelleDecurion, and Divinity School—The Ice Queen, 2016.

Nicolás Guagnini

Nicolás Guagnini (Buenos Aires, 1966) is an Argentine artist who lives and works in New York. His works are included in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Museums of Modern Art of Buenos Aires and São Paulo. His writing has been published in many international magazines, including OctoberTexte zur KunstArtforum, and in exhibition catalogues from MoMA New York and the Whitney Museum.

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May 22, 2022

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