FashionPas de Calais. Brand in total harmony with nature

Pas de Calais. Brand in total harmony with nature

Imagine white cliffs covered with fresh green blades of grass blowing in the wind. At the foot, vast, sandy beaches washed by the sea waves… Such majestic beauty has inspired Yukari Suda to create a collection of clothing in total harmony with nature – a simple form but practical and incredibly comfortable to wear. Raphael Navot, a talented designer, has helped Yukari to create an ideal interior for that type of clothing. Surrounded by wooden elements, white decorations and fragments of volcanic rocks, you’ll become a part of this perfect man-nature harmony. Travel through hangers and touch cotton, linen, and silk, all in Pas de Calais hues. What awaits you here is a quintessence of Japanese nature – pureness and nostalgia.

pas de calais

Unfortunately, Pas de Calais has closed its doors in Paris

Helene Hilaire

pas de calais
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