Parisdon't missParis Podcast Festival 2019

Paris Podcast Festival 2019

The Paris Podcast Festival is the first festival dedicated to French and French native podcast. Three days of meetings with podcasters and podcasters, previews, public recordings, workshops, masterclasses and official competition.

There is not only radio in life, there are also podcasts! Stories, stories, authored conversations and studios that you can take anywhere with you.

What is a native podcast?

Unlike the radio podcast that makes it possible to catch a program that was not heard during its broadcast, a native podcast is a sound content designed, produced and broadcast exclusively online and which everyone can access through an application when he wants it.

When you listen to a native podcast, you listen to what you do not hear on the radio: voices, stories, conversations, which are new ways of telling the world and captivating attention.

In contradiction with the omnipresence of the culture of the image, passing mainly by the television and the smartphones, the podcast frees the dependence on the screens and makes the bet of the imagination. Native podcasts are emerging as a new frontier of narrative giving birth to a sound culture.

After the thriller in the 1990s and the series in the 2000s, the native podcast is a cultural phenomenon of this decade that is clearing a whole range of possibilities for storytelling and sonic conversation.

The idea of ​​the Paris Podcast Festival is to make discover the pleasure of this new culture of listening to many audiences.

October 18-20, 2019

Gaite Lyrique Paris

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