BerlinNIYOK, toothpaste based on coconut oil made by start-up from Berlin

NIYOK, toothpaste based on coconut oil made by start-up from Berlin

Young start-up from Berlin with the vision to turn dental care into more than just the mundane, but into a truly pleasurable everyday experience. The products are natural, transparent and sustainably packaged. A new standard in bringing functionality and taste together.

Niyok aims at combining the functional aspects of toothpaste with the effective care of coconut oil. It’s high amount of coconut oil works as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Niyok neutralizes tooth decay bacteria and prevents gum diseases. Chalk serves as a particularly mild abrasive supporting a thorough and gentle tooth cleaning. The creamy, gently foaming texture and Niyok’s sweet fresh taste turn brushing into a taste experience. Niyok only contains strictly natural, vegan and absolutely non-harming ingredients. Also suitable for children.

As one of the richest natural sources of lauric acid, coconut oil is best known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features. As a result it represents a highly-performing agent in dental-hygiene: various medical studies prove that coconut oil-pulling aids in fighting plaque, tooth decay, gum diseases and even caries bacteria.


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