ParisartNatacha Dassault Art Gallery. Hom Nguyen, Olivier Dassault, Karen Swami.

Natacha Dassault Art Gallery. Hom Nguyen, Olivier Dassault, Karen Swami.

Hom Nguyen, the French artist born in 1972, is part of an expressionist lineage. His style speaks to everyone, through its humanist subjects and through its formal aspect. He experiments with the possibilities of different mediums: from oil to gouache, from charcoal to pen, his work with matter is instinctive and controlled. It gives shape as much as it disfigures, the pattern emerging from a magma of matter made of tangles and spider-like superimpositions. It’a s new perspective of the human condition.

Hom Nguyen’s work is rooted in his personal history, echoing his Vietnamese origins. The artist opens up a more universal dimension. In this exhibition, Hom Nguyen offers a new perspective on the human condition called EMPREINTE. The artist traces cycles of reincarnation, in a fruitful dialogue reflecting the devotion and serenity of a humanity in search of spirituality. The work of Hom Nguyen resonates with the fundamentals of Buddhism. Playing with the impact of a consciousness interwoven in matter. It evokes pagodas where the visible and the invisible come together, suggesting ephemeral or indelible emotional imprints that shape the substrate of our lives.

Photographer Olivier Dassault offers new inspired creations to the eye and in dialogue with the works of Hom Nguyen. Just as the painter works and is inspired by all materials – paint, sty-lo, charcoal … Olivier Dassault composes as much as he decomposes what he captures in his lens, to reveal an unprecedented poetry of the material. The dialogue was therefore quite natural between the two artists, their work confronts each other thus creating a game of reciprocity.

The works of ceramic artist Karen Swami is also presented as a punctuation of the dialogue between the two artists. Fascinated by Asian masters and focusing on both form and material, she seeks above all the purity of the line.

Natacha Dassault, passionate about art, has proven to be an informed talent scout since the opening in 2016 of Not a Gallery (NAG) atypical and warm place where artists exhibit their works in a staging “like in a house”.
To continue writing the history of this setting where favorites accumulate, the house is inaugurating in October 2020 – NatachaDassault Art Gallery – which presents established artists.

This new space opposite Not a Gallery (NAG) located in the heart of a square and tree-lined courtyard welcomes the artist HomNguyen around a subject that particularly touches Natacha Dassault: the imprint of life and Budd-history.

Franciszek Kizinski

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