DesignDiscover the world of Vesna Garic and her porcelain jewelry.

Discover the world of Vesna Garic and her porcelain jewelry.

Vesna Garic offers a range of porcelain, graphic and elegant jewelry that she delicately produces in her Parisian workshop. Timeless and refined, each jewelry collection is thought, designed and made by exploring the codes and constraints of this material, both natural and sensual. From her years in Asia, the designer brought back an architectural inspiration of lines and curves suspended in the air. All the pieces are carefully polished so that the velvety texture of the material becomes caress. Combinations of gesture and imagination, each piece is thought of there like a body sculpture, instilling a thought, a memory, like a treasure that we keep preciously.

Boutique. 53 Rue du Couëdic, 75014 Paris

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