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Museum Contemporary Art Tokyo

Tokyo Museum Contemporary Art built up a collection of approximately 5700 art works, including postwar art and young artists to give a view of current trends in art. One of the greatest attractions of the MOT Collection is focus on pioneering works that created the innovative trends in different periods. 

Sam Francis

Sam Francis – American artist – one of the twentieth century’s most profound Abstract Expressionists is noted as one of the first post-World War II painters. 

Yokoo Tadanori

Yokoo Tadanori (1936) graphic designer and illustrator in the 1960s, focuses on painting in the 1980s.

Tadanori Yokoo’s works expose all exasperating things that are inside the Japanese. Yokoo’s work during the ’70s showed a transformation from his endemic, pre-Modernistic imagery of the ’60s to utopian imagery deriving from Hinduism and Islam. The posters and prints from the first half of the ’70s are collages combining Pop art, kitsch, and images with such utopian scenes as might be found on postcards for tourists. 

Yokoo’s signature style of psychedelia and pastiche engages a wide span of modern visual and cultural phenomena from Japan and around the world.

Place/ Museum Contemporary Art, Tokyo

ft/ Kate Zaniewska

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