World ArtNoël Dolla Sniper 2018-2021 at Matisse Museum in Nice

Noël Dolla Sniper 2018-2021 at Matisse Museum in Nice

The exhibition presets thirteen works from Noël Dolla’s latest Sniper series, created between 2020 and 2021 at the 109, a centre for contemporary art in Nice. 

Matisse Museum Nice

In this new and vast studio, Dolla inaugurated a practice that allows him to work on very large formats, including canvases that are ten metres long.

Noël Dolla uses block and tackle pulley systems to be lifted in the air on a plastic stretcher. As he lies on it, he slides over the canvas installed on the ground, wrestling with the painting without touching nor seeing it.

Noel Dolla

Appealing and terrifying “Flowers of evil” bloom all along the canvas. At first sight, they are charming but quickly take on a tragic aspect when one realises that they are all about war, death and torn shreds of flesh.

I first encountered painting through Matisse when I discovered his “Fauteuil Rocaille” here in Nice after the opening of the museum.

until March 31, 2022

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Matisse Museum Nice

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