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Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art

Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art is the first public art museum to devote exclusively to contemporary art in the whole of Japan. It is situated amid the rich greenery of the Hijiyama park, commanding sweeping views over the city. The museum building is of design by the architect Kisho Kurokawa. While blending the building harmoniously with the nature of the museum, and the building’s materials change as one moves upward through it, from natural stone, through tiles, to aluminum, created by human, representing the unfolding of civilization out of the past into the future, and the flow of time, as well as Kurokawa’s unique philosophy of symbiosis.

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar’s video and art installations, photographs, films and sculptures are generally marked by their formal austerity but are often packed with technical and visual conceptual force. Jaar has extensively analysed the relationship between art and politics, bringing humanism and shocking ambivalence into continuous crisis. 

Place/ Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan

ft/ Kate Zaniewska

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