ParisMohamed el Khatib and Patrick Boucheron. Snow Ball

Mohamed el Khatib and Patrick Boucheron. Snow Ball

Paperweight, toy, beloved souvenir, old-fashioned, industrial, bobo or kitsch, miniature world, folk art, collector’s item … the snow globe is not a simple object, it is a real phenomenon. These small plastic, poetic, mystical, coveted or despised, profane or consecrated spheres have known socially contradictory uses throughout their history which make them as complex as they are thrilling! 

Historian Patrick Boucheron and director Mohamed El Khatib examine the object from every angle and give us an original account. In an intimate scenography, they reveal with precision and humor everything that the snow globes contain other than what we see in them: beliefs, secrets, devotions and fantasies, hidden under the synthetic snowflakes.

15-26 June, 2021

la villette

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