BerlinMatthias Winkler post avant-garde footwear brand

Matthias Winkler post avant-garde footwear brand

Matthias Winkler is a non binary post avant-garde footwear brand that uses a sustainable process of shoe production. The vision lies in the alternative approach to the fashion concept, using existing resources like craftsmanship, machinery, antique leather, leather garments and dead stock. The Berlin based brand celebrates artistry and tributes nature, creating products characterized by detail and value.

Matthias Winkler’s BIO

With a background in Fine Art, Matthias Winkler’s aesthetic is defined by organic sculptures and performance art. Artists like Louise Bourgeois, Rebecca Horn and Leigh Bowery shaped his work. His fascination for the “Uncanny” and the interest in the vulnerable human body lead to Winkler’s aesthetic of distorted shapes and a q queer approach to fashion in general.

Growing up in a small village in the Austrian mountains, in a family of hunters, Matthias Winkler was surrounded by garments and leather goods, which were functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The natural colours camouflage the hunters in the woods and therefore enhance the thought of being one with nature. 

Matthias Winkler collection

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