WarsawMałgorzata Szymankiewicz. Assembling Differences at BWA Warsaw

Małgorzata Szymankiewicz. Assembling Differences at BWA Warsaw

Małgorzata Szymankiewicz, insightful, with a depth of ephemeral thought that becomes more meaningful when we look at the world more carefully.

Kate Zaniewska

“How does an unfamiliar symbol differ from other signs and symbols? Until we can decipher it, it may hold some aesthetic value, since we are unable to attribute any other significance to it. Perhaps it can also complicate meaning – just like words in a foreign language, or a new, different alphabet – and yet it simultaneously determines how much attention we pay to its beauty. Our unaccustomed eyes follow the curves, register all the sharp edges. It’s almost like swimming around rocks – we cannot tell how big they might be, or what may lurk beneath the surface.”

until February 11, 2023

BWA Warszawa

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