DesignLotta Djossou jewellery, facets of the nature all around us.

Lotta Djossou jewellery, facets of the nature all around us.

The work of Clement Djossou expresses creative imagination enriched with every new travel, every moment of fascination for a landscape, a person, an image, an object that make an idea of a creation come up. The pieces of Clement Djossou jewellery are ex-pressions of facets of the nature all around us. And thus they fit for any occasion – in everyday life as for chosen moments.

The favorite subjects of Clement Djossou are nature, art, architecture of Paris in the «Art Déco» and «Art Nouveau» years. The inspiration that he sculpts in silver, gold, plated brass and set with precious stones.

Made in his studio in the Marais, lottasjossou paris jewelery is sometimes assembled in front of the customers and can be customized on demand.

1 Rue Ferdinand Duval, 75004 Paris

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