ParisartLet There Be Light. The Black Swans of Ellen Carey

Let There Be Light. The Black Swans of Ellen Carey

Ellen Carey present, at Galerie Miranda Paris, a première for her new bodies of work. The future with Crush & Pull with Rollbacks & Penlights, a completely new 21st century photo-object from Polaroid’s monumental negativ.

The Black Swan theory sees unexpected events become game changers in the global world, as it is, now. Ellen Carey’s performance in the black box of the darkroom — folding, crushing, creasing, and nothing seen until it is finished — abounds with affinities to the Surrealist drawing game of the exquisite corpse.

For “Let There Be Light: The Black Swans” of Ellen Carey, the artist introduces another new photo-object, the Finitogram. Here, she gathered abandoned sheets of photographic paper bearing random chemical marks striking a pose as light drew.

21 rue du Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris - France

until June 25, 2022

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