Kuta House

Kuta House one space for everything exceptional

KUTA HOUSE (founded by Robert Kuta in 2017) is a game of meanings, mixing the elements, collage of different aesthetics, sign to the times, where everything was done and everything is being done. Multitasking activity as well as forms that Robert Kuta developed in his creative work has led him to create one space for everything exceptional. Kuta House is an innovative marketing tool, to show people how process of selling goods can be also an artistic vision. It is more than just a simple buying products, it is buying values and piece of art. Custom made process is integral for Kuta House.


8288 Concept Store,
ul. Mysia 3, II piętro, 00-496 Warsaw
Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm
Sun 12pm - 6pm

ul. Wilcza 3,00-538 Warsaw
Mon-Fri 11am - 7pm
Sat - 11am - 3pm