WarsawartJan Chwałczyk. The Light of My Life

Jan Chwałczyk. The Light of My Life

The Light of My Life presents a unique analysis on the topic of light, color formation, and color perception as defined by a Warocław artist Jan Chwałczyk for over half a century.

Jan Chwałczyk

Jan Chwałczyk (1924-2018) left behind an intriguingly creative body of work, vast amount of theoretical material containing documented studies on vital everyday problems, as well as issues influencing the fields of art and science. The subject of light was undoubtedly the focal point and greatest inspiration in the oeuvre of this exceptional artist and human being. Throughout the years he sought answers to questions about the reality which surrounds us and its fundamental phenomena which, under the blanket of certainty, contain many unexpected conclusions that undermine our conventional perception.

From the mid 1960’s through 2018, he created installations he referred to as “Light Reproductors” and “Shadow Reproductors” including the series “This Fantastic Shadow”. Those simple forms – geometric screens which function as a stage for a non-material, ephemeral and subjectively perceived play of light and shadow serve as excellent responses to his research.

Objects of art are subject to constant transformation, like the nature that surrounds us, giving the impression of a living object, while acting as tools to help capture illusions and contemplate our reality’s materiality.

Jolanta Studzińska

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