DesignCeramic places in Paris

Ceramic places in Paris

Karen Swami

One of our favorites ceramic places says:

To touch, to throw, to smooth, to incise, to encrust, each step requires a movement. In the firing processes, oxidation-reduction reactions play their role, altering glazes and nuancing colours of pots and jars. 

ceramic places in Paris

Atelier Karen Swami

6 rue Victor Schoelcher,

75014 Paris

Three Seven

Each “Three Seven” piece is created in a atelier that lies on outskirts of Paris, France. Every one of a kind piece goes though a process that spans around 10 days. A combination of chaos and meticulous attention to precise detailing results in the perfect platter, that’s worthy for each occasion.

From hand beating the clay to hand drawing each illustration, the human touch from our master crafts people is the secret recipe to achieving not only the beauty, but gentleness and strength of each Three Seven creation. 

100% ceramic, all our products are intended for food use. All the products are made and designed entirely by hand. They use a natural clay, whose hue can vary slightly from one piece to another. In respect of the know-how, they follow a natural drying, which can cause slight irregularities in the forms. These variations of hues, shapes, finishes are not considered as defects, but contribute to the uniqueness of each piece.

Alix D.Reynis

Alix D. Reynis grew up in a family where everyone loved to make everything themselves. After studies that promised her to a high lever career, she decided to dedicate herself to her true passion, sculpture, and created her eponymous brand in 2011.

The first collections of dinnerware were born, followed by scented candles, light fixtures and more recently jewelery. Her creations borrow their graphic codes from our universal heritage.

Loving noble and demanding materials, Alix decided to create her pieces in Limoges porcelain for the house and in gold or vermeil for the jewelry. Each piece comes from a model, drawn and then carved in plaster or wax in her studio located in the Marais district in Paris.

Thanks to her timeless style, incomparable in its sophisticated details, Alix revisits everyday objects with finesse and elegance.

Shop/ 14 rue Commines, 75003 PARIS

+ 33 1 56 06 90 66

Opening hours/ Mon 1pm-7pm, Tue-Sat 11am-7pm, Sunday Closed

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