catherine dix

Catherine Dix ceramic with a soul

Catherine Dix discovered clay in southern Aveyron, during a training-course at the Pottery of Lucante, with Marcel Muller. During the next 4 years she discovered little by little the world of ceramics and the infinite possibilities of expression offered by clay. She perfected the skills with Thierry Fouquet at the Atelier Chemins de Terres then with Augusto Tozzola and started teaching sculpture and pottery wheel.

Catherine Dix work is a story of construction, assembly, emptiness and fullness, shadow and light. She works on unique pieces or in small series using different shaping techniques depending on the direction and the rendering she wants to give to the work: potter’s wheel, coil-built, slab-built, stamping.

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181, rue Marcadet
75018 PARIS - France
tel/ + 33 (0) 6 62 86 32 95