Parisart313 Art Project. Giovanni Ozzola

313 Art Project. Giovanni Ozzola

“His canvases are like my films: they speak of nothingness with accuracy,” wrote the great Michelangelo Antonioni, in an extraordinary correspondence with Mark Rothko.

Giovanni Ozzola’s attitude is in that matrix. This series of works by him are a single sequence shot that speaks to us of a very precise moment, of a portion of the present. And if it is true that his research walks on the legs of simplification, it is equally true that his need is to find a theatrical lexicon, which reveals his surprising path only when the adventure is complete and which allows him to abandon the world and enter the work. The images it offers us are not a simple representation, they are a flow of living matter that is our accomplice. In fact, the human presence is never there, because it is the viewer himself who represents it and completes the work.

giovanni ozzola

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