Berlin1:1 concerts in Berlin. Cool idea.

1:1 concerts in Berlin. Cool idea.

1 musician, 1 listener – at a 2 meter distance.

Cultural life has vanished behind digital screens. More than ever, people are in need of genuine personal contact and a commonly and directly shared musical experience. 1:1 Concerts the opportunity for an authentic concert experience.

A 1:1 Concert in Berlin features a 10 min. non-verbal 1-to-1-encounter between a listener and a musician. The opening eye contact and ensuing mutual gaze is the impulse for a very personal concert  where both sides experience an unprecedented intensity allowing proximity from a distance.

The concert attendees do not know who is going to play. Whether they hear a jazz saxophone, a double bass or a baroque flute will come as a surprise. Moreover, the concept explores extraordinary concert venues – concerts can take you to an art gallery, a qiuet backyard, an empty factory hall or an allotment garden. Spaces and venues are provided by private hosts.

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