WarsawartXawery Dunikowski. Królikarnia | until Nov 11, 2021

Xawery Dunikowski. Królikarnia | until Nov 11, 2021

Xawery Dunikowski. Painting is the first ever exhibition devoted to this lesser-known area of the artist’s practice. To this day, 

Dunikowski’s paintings remain undeservedly overshadowed by his sculptures, though the artist explored the medium passionately from the beginning of his career. “If I couldn’t paint, I couldn’t sculpt, either,” he was known to say. In his painting, he posed philosophical questions on the meaning of human existence, on man’s place in the universe, or on the immortality of the human essence or soul. The universal messages contained therein remain as relevant today as ever. Taciturn by nature, it was via painting that Dunikowski could give voice to his most guarded feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Many of the works currently on display have not been shown publicly since 1961. Others, like the sketches for the abstract compositions and certain sketches for the “Cactus” series, are being exhibited for the very first time. Extensive conservation work was performed prior to the exhibition. The show is divided in thematic rooms: “Portraits,” “Catharsis,” “Warning,” “Time,” “Studio,” and “Man in the Space,” which make it possible to trace Dunikowski’s artistic process and his technical growth.
A rich educational programme and lecture series will supplement the event.  

Kate Zaniewska


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