RomeartWhen in Rome visit The Galleria del Cembalo

When in Rome visit The Galleria del Cembalo

The Galleria del Cembalo, opened by Paola Stacchini Cavazza and Mario Peliti, reflects a desire to make some of the magnificent halls on the ground floor of Palazzo Borghese available to the art world. In the late 18th century, these halls were set aside by Marcantonio VI Borghese for the prestigious collection formerly belonging to Cardinal Scipione, and which was later transferred to Villa Borghese Rome.

With thirty exhibitions in four years, the Galleria del Cembalo stands out among Italian galleries for its well thought-out programme, its wealth of events – often offered simultaneously, in order to highlight the relation between different authors and themes – and the constant dialogue it fosters between young artists and great masters.

galleria del cembalo

The Galleria del Cembalo is the exclusive representative of Charles Fréger, Danila Tkachenko, Alessandro Imbriaco, Gilbert Garcin, and includes among its artists Paolo Gioli, Paolo Ventura, Antonio Biasiucci, Mario Cresci, Malick Sidibé, Paolo Pellegrin, Alain Fleischer, and Stefano Cerio.

galleria del cembalo

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