BarcelonaThe Jardins Pedralbes Festival Barcelona

The Jardins Pedralbes Festival Barcelona

The Jardins Pedralbes Festival is a Concert Studio project. It has been 7 years since the first Jardins Pedralbes Festival, which was created by the passion for music and the city of Barcelona.

An open place, outdoors, in contact with nature and history. With the support of the City Council of Barcelona and the Ministry of Culture of Generalitat de Catalunya, the idea ended in the Gardens of the Pedralbes Palace.

The Garden

A few minutes from away the centre, behind a wall covered with bougainvillea, is one of the lungs of Barcelona and one of the most beautiful gardens we can find in the city: the Palace of Pedralbes, a magnificent place to run, walk, rest and, for two months during summer, listen to music!

Come before your concert begins and walk through its paths to discover its best kept secrets, among which there are two art works by the magnificent Antoni Gaudí: a parabolic pergola covered with vines and, in a small corner, the Hercules fountain, with a wrought iron dragon head from which the water flows.

June 5 - July 15, 2019

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