BerlinartThe Cast Whale Project by Gil Shachar

The Cast Whale Project by Gil Shachar

After years of research, which began in 2013, Gil Shachar received permission from the South African Department of Environmental Affairs to mould a dead humpback whale for an art project called “The Cast Whale Project”. For this purpose, the artist had assembled a team on site that was ready to be called up and that would immediately begin securing and moulding a dead stranded animal.

The whale sculpture was accomplished during three months of concentrated work in Cape Town and was thereafter shipped to Germany. 

The sculpture is an ambassador for the tortured creature and a reminder of how we deal with our planet.

The project “The Cast Whale Project” is realised on the initiative of the gallery Semjon Contemporary, which represents the artist Gil Shachar.

Gil Shachar, 2021, The Cast Whale Project @ St. Elisabeth, Berlin, Photo: Artland, Sarah Kivi, by courtesy of the artist and Semjon Contemporary

St. Elisabeth Church in Berlin-Mitte

until May 14, 2021

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