BerlinartJames Turrell immersive light installation Ganzfeld Aural

James Turrell immersive light installation Ganzfeld Aural

Upon entering the Ganzfeld “Aural” light installation, visitors are immersed in a space that reveals neither its light source nor its dimensions. The eyes lose the frame of reference; the gaze is unleashed. Light, color, and space melt together. The installation’s gradual color shifts are punctuated by flashes of light. Must visit when in Berlin.

James Turell demands time from his visitors. The eyes must first adjust before the light’s effect fully unfolds. The slightest stimuli and changes lead to dreamlike experiences reminiscent of thick fog, expanses of snow, or the dark of night.

Symbolism of light

Light is a central symbol in Judaism linking the beginning and end of creation. James Turrell’s works can be seen as one of the most spectacular artistic interpretations of the creation of light.

James Turrell

James Turrell (b. 1943, Los Angeles) is one of the key figures in contemporary art. For more than fifty years now, he has focused his artistic efforts on exploring how we perceive light. He has investigated the self-awareness of our various senses, conscious and unconscious modes of seeing, and the emotional quality of our feeling for light, space, and time.

8 euros / reduced rate 3 euros

Museum Garden, Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

until Oct 6, 2019

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